The Creations of Hong Kong
心意屋 Sum Yi's House
心意屋由2015年開始在instagram開設賬號, 一直為自己的作品能夠得到賞識和愛戴而致力研究新作品~

所有手作都是自己設計和親手製作,主要是利用羊毛氈、UV膠等材料做成各式各樣的飾物,其中包括耳環、扣針、髮夾、頸鏈、手鏈等, 希望藉此增添大家生活上的趣味和色彩--這就是當中所包含的小小心意^^

Sum Yi's House is established on Instagram since 2015. It has been sharing handicrafts both designed and created by the shop owner.

Appreciation and support have always been the motivation for the creation of new designs.

The owner/designer mainly make use of felt wool and UV resin to more to make all sorts of accessories, which include earrings, pins, hair clips, necklaces and bracelets etc.

As doing favourite things and wearing favourite accessories can always bring joy to oneself, hopefully, by offering a variety of accessories, liveliness and happiness can be shared

Let's add some more colour to life!